INSPIRE Geoportal

The INSPIRE Geoportal makes it easier to discover, monitor and directly use geospatial data sets relevant for specific application areas, in particular European environmental policy. The new Geoportal provides overviews of the availability of INSPIRE data sets by country and thematic area, and makes the data available and ready-for-use in a range of applications.

The Geoportal is based on the metadata regularly harvested from the (currently 36) officially registered national data catalogues of EU Member States and EFTA countries.

We encourage all teams to use datasets discovered through the INSPIRE Geoportal in addressing the challenge objectives!

European Data Portal

The European Data Portal (EDP) is an initiative by the European Commission, linked to the Digital Single Market, that aims to increase the impact of open data. The EDP acts as a single access point to the open data for several EU countries, including all EU member states, and allows users to find and compare data from across Europe. The portal offers almost 900,000 datasets from across 34 countries, with accompanying metadata in 24 languages, and over 500 use cases to showcase open data in practice. Examples of available datasets on the EDP are weather data, geospatial data, health data and transport data.

In addition, the EDP researches trends and developments in open data, like the economic impact of open data, and tracks the open data development in EU countries to understand the challenges and strategies towards a higher open data maturity in terms of the four dimensions: policy, portal, data quality and impact.