FME Platform

One central goal of INSPIRE is to promote data sharing in order to better manage the natural environment, spatial planning and impacts related to human safety and quality of life. The Helsinki Data challenges involve integrating INSPIRE themes with other data sources. As a leading spatial data integration platform, FME makes it easy to combine INSPIRE data with whatever other data sources might be needed to address your chosen challenge - whether it be open standards related, event driven, crowd sourced or proprietary.

Safe Software provides free access to our full range of FME tools for the duration of the INSPIRE Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge to all interested teams. This includes FME Desktop and FME Server licenses and FME Cloud access. Con terra is also providing free licensing for the INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME.

To install FME, first download the appropriate installer, and then request an FME license using the Helsinki Challenge web form link below.

FME Desktop and Server

For FME Desktop and Server downloads, please download the appropriate installer from the FME Downloads page. We recommend using FME 2019.1 (expected release date July 10).

For Desktop and Server licenses submit your request using the special Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge FME License Request form

FME Cloud

For access to FME cloud you can either set up your own instance or contact us to get a login to a shared instance set up for specifically for the data challenge.

  • To create an account on the shared instance, contact
  • To set up your own instance with 250 hours of credit, see the FME Cloud page

Con terra INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME

con terra’s INSPIRE Solution Pack (ISP) for FME simplifies the INSPIRE data generation process considerably, so please contact them for more information and for theme specific examples.

For a trial license please mention ‘INSPIRE Helsinki Challenge’ and contact: Email:

Learning FME and INSPIRE

We also provide a full range of resources related to learning FME and implementing INSPIRE Solutions.



Conterra ISP for FME


Participants will benefit from free support during the month of the challenge in order to support their use of the relevant INSPIRE themes, other relevant datasets from non-INSPIRE sources, and real time data feeds. Those using the FME platform will have access to FME templates of related workflows.