ArcGIS for Developers

As a challenge sponsor partner, Esri will support participants who are interested in using ArcGIS to build data, maps, apps and solutions to tackle the Inspire Helsinki 2019 Challenges.

ArcGIS for Developers is a complete developer experience designed to be simple and flexible. Joining ArcGIS for Developers gives you access to all of the software and resources you need to build, manage, and deploy your solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

To use ArcGIS in the Inspire Helsinki 2019 Challenges:

  • Create your free developer account
  • Esri will provide special ArcGIS Online vouchers that extend credits to Inspire Helsinki 2019 Challenge participants

Use your free ArcGIS for Developers Essentials Plan to get access to the following:

  • Credits for developing and testing your app(s)
  • Basic online app builders
  • ArcGIS Online account to host and scale your data securely in the cloud
  • A large developer community to communicate and collaborate with via blogs, forums, and GitHub
  • Web and native client APIs and SDKs
  • Conceptual, API reference documentation, and a vast library of developer samples - get started in just a few lines of code
  • Beta software and the Esri Early Adopter Community (EAC)

Required knowledge and skills

Consumer and/or GIS App developer skills (beginner to advanced)

  • For people who will use ArcGIS as a technology to apply when pursuing one of these challenges, it would help if the participants had some skills and abilities in searching, finding, using, and creating data.
  • It would help if participants had some experience analyzing and visualizing spatial data on a map.
  • While not required, it would be preferable if participants understood how to consume data and use analytical tools that are exposed as RESTful web services, along with some basic web development skills including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Offered datasets

Access to data available in ArcGIS Online and Esri Living Atlas, such as imagery, transportation, OpenStreetMap, vector tile base maps, and 3D scenes. For an overview, see “What Kind of Data is Available in ArcGIS Online?” in the ArcGIS Blog.

Licensing conditions varies dataset by dataset, each having its own access and use constraints, for example, non-commercial use only or commercial use with attribution, or share and share alike constraints, etc.

New technologies to test or evaluate

  • ArcGIS Online gives participants the ability to import or create data and host it on the Esri cloud, accessible to maps and apps as RESTful web services.
  • ArcGIS offers a variety of web application development templates and builders that allow you to build highly customized web applications without writing any code.
  • The ArcGIS REST API can be used to provide application developers the ability to call upon data management and analytical tools hosted on the Esri cloud.
  • The ArcGIS API for JavaScript is for developers who are building custom web applications and need fine-grained control of their apps’ functionality

Offered personal resources

Get Started with the ArcGIS Tutorials

Use the ArcGIS Tutorials to learn how to build mapping apps with ArcGIS APIs and SDKs. Find a tutorial for the exact project, task and API you need.

For self-help, the following resources are available:

For example, are you interested in 3D urban design and planning applications? See “Create your next neighborhood in 3D” in the ArcGIS Blog.

Webinar for interested participants at the beginning of the challenge period to help people get started with their ArcGIS developer account.