Sign up to challenges

Teams have to sign up in order to to participate in the Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge. The hard deadline for the team sign up has been postponed to 22 September. Please note that since the challenge work starts already on 1 September, the later a team signs up, the less of the offered benefits and support can be guaranteed.

The team leader will be contacted soon after signing up for more info and guidance on getting your team ready. There will be an informative webinar arranged for each of the challenges before the sign up closes. Everyone is welcome to join these webinars, and all signed up teams will be automatically invited.

The challenge organisers and partners will be available in Spectrum discussion forum to answer any of your questions considering the data challenges. All the teams are also encouraged to join the discussions to share ideas and learn together.

The first 10 teams to sign up are eligible for one (1) 100% discount code per team for the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event in Helsinki on 22 - 24 October (save up to 350€). Up to 10 teams attending the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event can receive reimbursements for travel inside Europe and for accommodation in Helsinki (one person per team). The discounted tickets and reimbursements are only applicable for the teams who have sent a written submission for their challenge work by the submission deadline. After the signing up, the eligible team leaders receive discount codes to use when registering to the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event.

Please read and accept all the rules of the Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge before signing up.

Sign up your team now!

Interested, but don’t yet have a team?

There are two means for finding people to team up with provided by the Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge organisers: the Spectrum discussion forum and a mailing list for people interested in the Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge. The signed up teams may also still be looking for reinforcements, so please let them know what you can do and which challenge you would be interested in Spectrum channels.