Prizes and awards

The judges of each challenge choose both the teams for the final and, after the oral presentations, the winners for each challenge. Challenge sponsors may additionally award any of the teams with special awards at their discretion.

Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge Rules

1. Code of conduct

  1. Please treat all other team members, partners, organisers and judges with respect. We ask that you act kindly, behave professionally, and do not insult or put down other attendees. Remember that harassment and racist, sexist, or exclusionary jokes are not appropriate. If at any point you see a fellow challenge team member being harassed, please talk to any of the organisers.
  2. Play fair: Compete with the skills you have in your team, and let your fellow participants also do their best. Any attempt to hinder or sabotage other teams’ work is strictly forbidden.
  3. The challenge partners and organisers must treat all teams and participants equally regardless of their origin, location, work or personal relations. Any suspected favouring or unjust treatment must be immediately reported to the organisers.

2. Challenge partners

  1. Each challenge has one or more challenge partner from public and/or private organisations. These partners have volunteered to support the challenge teams with the provided data, tools and services to help them achieve great results.
  2. The challenge partners are responsible for the original idea and the research questions for the challenge, support the challenge team members during the time teams work with the challenge in September, and participate in the evaluation of the team submissions.
  3. The challenge partners for each challenge are listed on the challenge web page.
  4. People working for the partners of a particular challenge are not allowed to be members of teams working with that challenge.

3. Participating to challenges

  1. Teams are obliged to sign up in order to to participate in the Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge. The sign up is opens on 3 June and is open until the hard deadline of 22 September 2019. Please note that since the challenge work starts already on 1 September, the later a team signs up, the less of the offered benefits and support can be guaranteed.
  2. The number of the team members as well as their email addresses are asked on the sign up form. The teams may change or add members at any point before or during the challenge, and the written submission should have the names of all the contributing team members.
  3. The data challenges the teams set to solve are presented at the Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge website and they have been written in a way to be solvable by capable teams of around 2-6 members. The teams do not have to pick their final challenge at the sign up time, but each team may only submit their work to one of the challenges.
  4. It’s required to keep the challenge organisers up-to-date on the possible changes of the team leader, so that we always know how to contact the team.
  5. The signed up teams may start working on their chosen challenge on 1 September and work on their project until 30 September. The teams may use any prior work the team members have personally created or have a license to use as building blocks of their solution. However, work submitted to other competitions are not allowed as-is, and the teams are reminded that the originality of the presented solution is an important factor in the evaluation of the submissions,

4. Work submissions

  1. Depending on the challenge, one or more of the following submission types are allowed:
    • Concept: a justified idea with a preliminary implementation plan for a new application, service or dataset.
    • Working application: a working prototype of a new web or mobile application.
    • Data analysis: a description and the results of a novel way to analyse existing data to answer the questions of the challenge.
  2. The teams are obligated to send a written online submission of their work by submission deadline on 7 October at 09:00 CEST. Only the teams with a valid written submission sent by the deadline will be considered for the selection to the challenge finals held during the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event on 22 - 24 October 2019. Instructions for sending the submissions are provided on the Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge website.
  3. The organisers and the challenge partners evaluate the written submissions and choose the teams for the finals. During the finals at the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event the winners of each challenge as well as any other awards will be chosen based on both the original written submissions and the oral presentations held during the event. At least one member of each team has to be prepared to present their work in the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event either in person or remotely.

5. Evaluation criterial for the submissions

  1. All challenge submissions regardless of the submission type will be evaluated based on the following:
    • Relevancy - how well does the submission answer the challenge, did it go above and beyond, or too far off track.
    • Potential - how much potential does the submission have to make an impact in the world, for instance by improving the quality of life, making data more valuable to society or growing businesses.
    • Creativity – how creative is the submission: is it a trailblazing new innovation or reinvention of well-known concepts.
    • Presentation – how well is the work presented, both in written and spoken word as well as in possible graphics or user interfaces.
  2. Both the written submissions and the oral presentation are evaluated by the judges consisting of the challenge organisers and the challenge partners for the particular challenge.

6. Intellectual property rights

  1. All intellectual property rights to the submitted work remains with the submitting team.
  2. The challenge organisers and the challenge partners reserve a right to use the submitted material, including text, images and videos for promotion and marketing purposes with attribution to the submitting team and mention of the Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge.
  3. The challenge teams are encouraged but not required to license their code and created datasets using an open source / open access license.