Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenges

The four challenges below were selected from the proposals received for the call for challenges. Sign up your team to solve one of these challenges during September 2019. The winners are awarded at the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event in October.

The challenge organisers and the partners support the teams with provided data, tools and services to ensure successful results. The hard deadline for the team sign up has been postponed to 22 September. Please note that since the challenge work starts already on 1 September, the later a team signs up, the less of the offered benefits and support can be guaranteed.

See the about and awards & rules pages for more information.

Let's make the most out of INSPIRE!

Figure out ways to improve how data is being delivered and encoded in particular use cases (e.g. building a cross-border dataset, or using a specific dataset in a particular software product).

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Find the best seaside vacation spot

Develop solutions to find the best location for a seaside vacation depending on the interests and nature values ensuring sustainable nature of the planned activities.

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By the Beautiful Blue Danube

Discover alternative transport routings using the European waterways and railways instead of road networks for increased efficiency and lower the CO2 emissions.

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Commuting 2.0

Make planning the day-to-day commuting safer and more pleasant for pedestrians, cyclers and other light traffic users using weather, air quality and road condition data.

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