Inspire Helsinki 2019 Data Challenge

Inspire Helsinki 2019 event hosts challenges for practical uses of spatial data in the domains of sea, weather and cities. The challenge, as well as the event is organised by the National Land Survey of Finland and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry supported by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and Spatineo.

With the recent evolution of spatial data delivery technologies like OGC API - Features (A.K.A WFS 3.0), vector tiles and simpler data formats for INSPIRE, the geospatial field is reaching out to a wider audience of developers to enrich applications and processes with spatial data. The challenges will not be strictly limited to INSPIRE data, they can take full advantage of all data relevant to the challenges.

Teams produce applications, proofs of concepts, visualisations, presentations and demos in September 2019. Based on the written submissions the finalist teams will be selected to present their outcomes in the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event in October. The challenge organisers and the partners support the teams with provided data, tools and services to ensure successful results.